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الرد على الأستاذ محمد أكرم الندوي في إنكاره حادثة السحر

الرد على الاستاذ أكرم الندوي في انكاره لحادثة السحر بقلم الشيخ المحدث مولانا لطيف الرحمن القاسمي حفظه الله، مكة المكرمة ويليه اصل المقالة للأستاذ الندوي   In-sha-Allah, a translation of the above article will be uploaded soon.

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The Implications of Inconsistency in the Hadith of the Shia

(Translator’s Foreword: The following is a translation of an insightful piece written by Shaykh Muhammad Taha Karaan, in which he has succinctly discussed a number of salient features of the Shia hadith tradition, and also assessed how accurate the Shia are in their claim to taking their knowledge from a pure, unadulterated …

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